Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday Treats - Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls

Ok, so I know this post is a little late.  Maybe more than a little. I am sorry. It has been a ridiculously stressful week. So here you go, a Tuesday treat on Saturday.
These rolls are good. Time consuming to make, but oh-so-very tasty, nice and cinnamony and the dough is the perfect consistency, soft and gooey on the inside and bready on the outside. They will make a perfect holiday breakfast treat. The process is fun, and the time consuming part comes more in the letting the dough rise and less in the actual assembly of ingredients.

Adding the potatoes to the sugar yeast water foam. For the potatoes, after reading the comments on Bon Appetit website, I used less than the prescribed amount of water for the potatoes, just enough to cover while boiling. I used more than the four and a half cups flour, not sure on the total amount, just added in small bits until the dough was the right consistency. And I used my dough hook instead of kneading by hand, until the dough was not as sticky.

Ingredients for the filling.

Cinnamon mixture spread out on the large rectangle of dough.

Dough rolled up.

Waiting to be cooked.

We cooked four and saved the rest. I spaced them out a little more than needed on the cookie sheet, so some of the filling leaked out and caramelized. No matter, still very good.

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