Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dismal Summer Bloggie

(Yum, slow cooked beef tacos. Even though you can't see the beef.)

And yes, this dock had something to do with it.

It also might have something to do with the enormous amount of work I have to do, at, well, at work, which renders me useless and exhausted every evening, or the multiple weddings and vacations occupying the weekends (we're in St. Louis this weekend), so that free weekends mean house cleaning, laundry, yard and garden work, and generally not doing too much else.
However, we have still been cooking, and taking pictures, so it's all a matter of time before I select the best recipes and have a "best of summer" post. Or several.
Highlights to look forward to include a Canadian chicken wing cook-off,

piri-piri chicken,

our garden's progress (huge, because of the two tropical storms of late), and I'm sure many more things that I will remember once I see the pictures. Like sunrise over Georgian Bay, courtesy of the Husband.

So please, folks, bear with me, and know that more is in the works (or already happened, but actually posting it is in the works).