Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

It's the end of November. How did that happen?
Thanksgiving has come and gone, and this year was surprisingly uneventful. We had planned to host a small group this year, the Husband's mom and my folks, but his mom was prohibited from flying because of a nasty illness. We had a small, 4-person meal, with a 12-pound bird for the three of us who eat such things. We tried a new turkey recipe, and while it cooked faster than expected, the results were stunning and magazine-worthy. The gravy was also outstanding. We omitted the wine and used our homemade broth to de-glaze the pan. I'm sure it would have been just as amazing with the wine.

The only thing I might do differently next time is figure out a way to get a little more flavor into the turkey. We stuffed the cavity with herbs, celery leaves, and onion, but I wanted a little more. The gravy took care of things this time around, but it would be nice to enjoy a flavorful piece of turkey without the gravy.

The leftovers made several of the all-important day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches and a delicious turkey pot pie.

(Please forgive me for not including the turkey and gravy instructions. Saveur did a lovely job at capturing everything you need to know (and more) about this process.)

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