Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, Part 2

There are many things to be thankful for this year, all right here at home.

Our tomatoes have taken off the past few months. There are probably around one hundred fruits on the plant.

And peppers. Lots of peppers that, somehow, the deer  have not managed to decimate this year.

Eggplant, herbs, and so much more.

I am very thankful we are in a place where we can have a vegetable garden.

But - the weather - we're supposed to get our first real freeze tonight. So we'll probably have to say goodbye to the garden for the year.

There may be pickled tomatoes in my future. And fried green ones. Lots, because as you can see, we're not ready for a freeze! Despite the worries, it's nice to have such a garden for which to be thankful. Some of our treasures are treasures in part for the reason they sometimes bring us grief, or fear, or worries. We get that much more joy out of them and we're that much more invested in them. (And it makes me feel all grown up and proud. You would think hosting Thanksgiving for the fourth year in a row would do it. But no, it's worrying about my plants that did it.)

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to the turkey trot with the family.

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