Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here is the problem I have:
I make many, many recipes. I document most of them. However, I do not post most of them, because there are tweaks I want to make, or because they didn't come out as I hoped, or whatever other reason of non-perfection you want. It hasn't been a problem before, but now that I have this list, I feel more obligated to post any attempt if it meets something on the list.
Take last night, for example. I made lasagna, from our Pasta book (adding another check mark to number 20). It technically was a compilation of 3 recipes, the Bechamel sauce, the Bolognese sauce, and the combination to get lasagna. It was not quite what I was expecting. Almost everything I've read lately has extolled the virtues of Bechamel lasagna over ricotta, and I was very much looking forward to experiencing this new rich, creamy, amazing lasagna. While the flavor was great (fantastic, in fact) the texture was drier than I thought it should have been, and the filling a bit sparse. It was a much more delicate final product than the thick, heavy, meaty lasagna in my head.
The Bolognese sauce, two (or three) different kinds of meat braised in three different liquids over a long period of time, was spectacular. Rich, slightly sweet, very flavorful, and with a traditional Italian taste that sung in my mouth. The Bechamel thickened up nicely and was easy to do, but was too thick by the end. The recipe for lasagna called for one recipe each of Bechamel and Bolognese, but I found more Bolognese could have been used with the one pound of lasagna noodles instructed.
I will make this recipe (these recipes) again, with tweaks (of course). Now that I have a better idea of the final product, it will be easier to adjust amounts, consistencies, and so on. I won't do much to the ratios, or seasonings, because the flavor is fantastic.

Email me if you want the recipe. Or comment, and I'll give it to you. I will update with a picture tomorrow.

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